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Tarquin at the Still

Tarquin's is handcrafted in the small Southwestern Distillery located on a small Cornish cliff. Tarquin Leadbetter is the man who started it all at the young age of 23. Having just left London as a trained Cordon Bleu chef he had his sights set on creating a Micro-distillery.

Tarquin quickly got to work with his sister Athene on a recipe, after lots of trial and error, sampling…. A lot of sampling they finally settled on a 12 botanical recipe which involves nuts, spices, roots, flowers, seeds and fruits. They started this with only a small 0.7ltr still in 2012 and by 2013 had quickly bought a new still and started to sell.


Tarquin's Still on the beach

One year later and they had their Cornish Pastis and on the eve of the one year anniversary they had received two gold awards one for each of their two gins! Not bad going at 25.

Fast forward to the present day and the Tarquin's team has evolved.So has the range, with many new flavours and new ones being released all the time it’s no wonder the Tarquin's Gin is so popular, but be assured that the integrity and authenticity of the Gin has remained the same no matter what.Tarquin's Range

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