Pickerings Gin

by Distillers Direct

Pickerings Gin - Summerhall Distillery

Summerhall Distillery occupies the site of what was once the small animal kennels of the University Veterinary School, affectionately known as the Dick Vet. This has since been surrounded by Galerries, workshops and Theatres in the Summerhall Arts Venue. 

First built in 2014 by Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell, it was the first Gin exclusive Distillery in Edinburgh for over 150 years, with every drop of Pickerings being produced from scratch in their distillery.

Matt and Marcus engineered their bespoke 500 litre copper still Gert and Emily, which is the key to creating every drop of Pickering's Gin. Thew Botanical's are prepared, measured and then added to the Grain Spirit to enjoy a slow simmer to create the Pickering's Gin we know and love.

Based upon a Bombay Recipe from 1947 which had been kept a secret for over 66 years, until Matt and Marcus got their hands on it and begun distilling at Summerhall.

Featuring 9 botanicals, the recipe has been given a modern twist to create the classic Pickering's Gin alongside some fruitier counterparts such as the Pink Grapefruit and Lemongrass Liqueur!

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