Pure Vodka

by Distillers Direct

PURE is a multiple award winning, independently owned spirits company, committed to running an ethically conscious, environmentally friendly and human-centered business.

Founder, Adam, stepped in to the industry after noticing changing drink orders when down the pub. As he and his friends switched to healthier, cleaner alternatives, he realised they weren’t able to buy with confidence that their drinks did not contain unwanted extras. They didn’t know what was in most spirits, and found it very difficult to find out.

Craving a clean, PURE spirit, Adam began work to create something of his own, made without compromise…

WM Spirits later launched with their flagship product PURE Organic Vodka, and after collecting multiple awards and many other landmark successes, they launched a lighter, 20% vol. version, aptly named; PURE LITE.

PURE only uses the highest quality ingredients, found on home soil, on British farms. All of their products are organic and made with 100% natural ingredients. They contain no additives, preservatives, thickeners, added sugars or carbs. Importantly, they are glycerol free (E-number 422) – glycerol being a thickener and sweetener present in most spirits throughout the industry.

Looking at the big picture, PURE wants to be known as a brand with a conscience, and be a good guy within the industry. They are striving to becoming carbon neutral, and run annual campaigns to raise funds and awareness for specifically identified key sustainability projects, starting with their Save The Bees campaign. They are soon to be launching an apparel range to raise funds for this campaign.

Their spirits are clean, light, smooth drinks, citrusy on the nose with a floral tail – and a heart of gold!

When you’re next at a bar or making cocktails at home, drink PURE and know exactly what you're drinking and the type of company that you are supporting.

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