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The Dalmore distillery was first create in 1839 by Alexander Matheson who went against the norm and chose a location where there were no trade routes, but also no other distilleries, a location in which there was a natural resource selection to create his dream.... The Dalmore! From this Matheson created his own Warehouses and railways in which he could create his dream! 

To go against the norm again, Matheson chose to make stills which were unconventional and different shaped to the standard most would expect. From this different shape and size he was able to create a recipe which although has more work involved in it, allows for a more complex and intense flavour profile to be achieved. 

If it wasn't difficult enough for people to copy Mathesons technique he also uses a special maturation process in which the Whisky is aged in American White Oak ex-bourbon casks and exclusive Aged Sherry Casks from Gonzalez Byass! This special relationship between the two has existed for over 100 years and the Dalmore are the only ones allowed to use these casks. For this process Richard Paterson (the Dalmores master distiller) hand selects each cask used for the maturation process.