The Sailors are Home for Saint Patrick's Day

by Distillers Direct

Sailor's Home

Sailor’s Home is an innovative, contemporary and premium Irish Whiskey brand from Limerick which consists of three expressions - The Journey, The Haven and The Horizon, linked by the desire to explore the boundaries of flavour. Crafted by renowned Master Whiskey Maker Dr Jack Ó’Sé; Sailor’s Home is made in Ireland but shaped by the world.

Inspired by the original Sailor’s Home built in 1856, to reward seafarers on their journeys with the experience of home away from home, Sailor’s Home seeks to take drinkers on a new journey, and push the boundaries of traditional premium Irish Whiskey.

Sailor’s Home Irish Whiskey is inspired by the rugged and untamed Wild Atlantic Way on the Western coast of Ireland and the original Sailor’s Home built in 1856 as a welcoming shelter for the international community of seafarers travelling through the port of Limerick. Sailor’s Home is about the welcome, character, place, people and stories of Limerick. 

It’s about all those with the need to explore who respect tradition and paths well-travelled, whilst forging a new and innovative approach to Irish Whiskey that places taste above all.

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