Burns Night

by Distillers Direct

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We all know Burns night is coming up on 25th January. For those of us that haven’t got a clue what Burns Night is about or who Robbie Burns is, here is a low down on what it all about.

Who is he? 

Robert Burns, also known as the Ploughman Poet, lived between January 25th, 1759 and 21st July 1796. He was a very popular poet and influencer and regarded as a pioneer of the Romantic Movement. Not only regarded as the national poet of Scotland, but recently voted The Greatest Scot of all time!


Why celebrate Burns Night? 

Burns Night was first started in Greenock in 1801 as a way to cherish the name of Robert Burns. It aimed to foster a love of his writings, and generally to encourage an interest in the Scottish language and literature.

 It is considered a second national day in Scotland, and now celebrated across the world



How you can celebrate Burns Night 

The format of a Burns Night or Burns Supper has changed little over the years. The evening starts with a general welcome and announcements followed by the ’Selkirk Grace’. After grace the famous ‘Address to a Haggis’ is read and the haggis is cut open. The it is time to eat. Usually a hearty plate of Haggis, Neeps & Tatties. Maybe with a nice whisky sauce. After dinner a series of toasts are made often including a ‘Toast to the Lassies’. Replies are made before a good old sing song of probably his most famous work ‘Auld Lang Syne’


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