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by Distillers Direct

Market row

Market Row Rum first started its adventure in 2019 from a duo of Laurent Lacassagne and Pat Venning, the pair had previously met on several occasions when working at Pernod Ricard. From this connection they decided it was time to create their own Premium London Rum, a category they feel had a lot of experimental room.

The brand originates from Brixton SW9, from a small co-working space called Impact Brixton which is shared with a host of local independent businesses with a multi-cultural vibe that they aim to reflect within the Rum.

Market Row Rum is produced through a combination of Jamican, Barbados and Dominican Republic Rums which have been aged up to 5 years inside ex-Bourbon Barrels and sourced from distilleries including Foursquare, Worthy Park and Hampden Estate.  The high ester rums in the blend are only aged for around a year to maintain their high ester level.

Once the Rum is shipped to the UK, the Rum is re-distilled in their 100 litre still (Eddy) watched over by Master Distiller Matt Servini. Whilst being re-distilled, botanicals including Nigerian Hibiscus, Kenyan Black Tea, Pakistani Red Rose and Madagascan Vanilla which have all been sourced from Brixton's markets are added into the mix.

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