TequilaBlanco TequilaCazcabel Tequila Blanco 70cl

Cazcabel Tequila Blanco 70cl

Type: Tequila
Size: 70cl
ABV: 38%

At the heart of the Don's tequila range is Cazcabel Blanco, a spirit fashioned from the sun-baked agave and made in the heart of the Jalisco region. Cazcabel Blanco beautifully balances the agave's earthy notes with a fresh, citrus edge that emerges during the Don's distillation. Don Cazcabel drinks it neat with his tacos as he stares into the sun.

We'd suggested trying Cazcabel in:
Paloma - 60ml Cazcabel Blanco, A pinch of salt, 15ml Lime Juice, 25ml Grapefruit juice, soda water. Pour the tequila into a glass and squeeze in the lime juice. Add the ice and salt, add grapefruit juice and top with soda, stir and garnish with lemon twist.