RumWhite RumToti Rum Refill Pouch 2.8ltr

Toti Rum Refill Pouch 2.8ltr

Type: Rum
Size: 2.8ltr
ABV: 38%
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Toti Rum is a smooth sipping white rum overflowing with vanilla, toasted caramel and banana.

The secret to their mellow taste and fruit flavours is blending the best pot still molasses rum with the finest pure cane.

They source these from legendary distilleries across the Caribbean in Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados and The Dominican Republic.

Each bottle of Toti Rum that is purchased sees 15% of the profit going towards the Sea Shepherd Conservation Team, who's aim is to support and restore the Caribbean marine life! 

So you get a wonderful rum and supporting the marine life, it's a double win if you ask us!

With this wonderful Eco-Pouch, once you've finished the bottle, it allows you to get the rum again but without the hassle of ordering another one and disposing of yet another bottle, allowing you to refill and get the fantastic rum without waiting!