GinGinPoetic License Raspberry and Buddha's Hand Gin 70cl

Poetic License Raspberry and Buddha's Hand Gin 70cl

Type: Flavoured
Size: 70cl
ABV: 38.5%

The team at Poetic License are always looking to keep us on our toes with the ever changing varieties of different Gins, and this the Raspberry and Buddhas hand is just another example of the intriguing things they do! 

The Raspberry and Buddha's hand is part of their Limited edition Rarities range, meaning once its gone, Its GONE! When they told us about a new Gin we expected something daring, then they told us it has Buddha's hand and we were, well.... intrigued, mainly cause we thought they'd been going round chopping hands off Buddha's but they assured us it was the Fruit that's inside!

From the infusion of Raspberry and Buddha's Hand this Gin has lots of Sweet and Juicy Raspberry flavours running throughout along with a Juicy Citrus infusion and a Peppery undertone.