GinGinFaith & Sons Organic Mango Gin 50cl

Faith & Sons Organic Mango Gin 50cl

Type: Flavoured
Size: 50cl
ABV: 37.5%
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This Fabulously Fruity little number comes from none other than Faith and Sons Microdistillery and is made with the ripest Organic Mango's and this reflects wonderfully in the Tropical flavours which rung throughout this gin!

Mango Cobler:

50ml Faith & Son Mango Gin

25ml Lime Juice

125ml Sugar Syrup

5ml Maraschino Liqueur 

5ml Orange Curucao 

5ml Passion Fruit Puree

Pineapple Chunks

Gently muddle the pineapple chunks inside the wine glass. Add crushed ice, together with the rest of the ingredients, and churn the contents of the glass with a bar spoon before finally adding a garnish of dehydrated mango slices and fresh mint sprigs.