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Henstone Nonpareil Brandy 50cl

Type: Cognac & Brandy
Size: 50cl
ABV: 45%

Henstone is well known for their production of Gin but they have decided to venture into the world of Brandy! To produce this Brandy they take their own hand crafted Apple Cider, distill and then aged within American Oak casks. 

They take the name of the Brandy from a style of Shropshire Apple.... The Sweeney Nonpareil which was almost wiped out in the 1970's, which are used in the production of their Cider. The result is a Sweet Apple Brandy with notes of Juicy and Sour Apples throughout along with hints of Cinnamon and Spice. Wonderful!

We're just grateful that they were able to keep the Apple variety going!