Cognac & BrandyCalvadosChristian Drouin Hine Angels Eau de Vie de Cidre 17 Year Old 70cl

Christian Drouin Hine Angels Eau de Vie de Cidre 17 Year Old 70cl

Type: Cognac Cognac & Brandy
Size: 70cl
ABV: 43%
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HINE Angels is a spendid 17 years old Pays d'Auge calvados which was finished for 6 months in 3 former Cognac casks from Hine.

We will only release #1296 bottles of this new edition of Experimental de Christian Drouin. "I remember a trip to Cognac a couple of years ago when I had the chance to stop at Cognac Hine and to enjoy a wonderfull vertical tasting of old cognac vintages in the confortbale lounges of the Hine House.

They are not many Estates in Cognac which can offer such a beautiful journey through time through a range of millésimes. We certainly felt connected. It was always a tradition at Christian Drouin Estate to use former Cognac casks for aging our calvados.

These casks brings flowery flavours and silky tanins. Therefore it became obvious to me to try using some of their casks for our Experimental range. I have chosen a deep 17 years old Pays d'Auge Calvados to go along with Hine rich flavours."