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Aaron Darke might not be a name you are aware of but Zymurgorium will be. Well Aaron is the founder and 'Big Cheese' of the Zymurgorium brand and how lucky it is that he produced this for us! 

Aaron started off by making brews of Beer for his Uni mates and has always been interested in innovating and creating new things. When it comes to creating new flavours, Aaron is considered a Pioneer of his generation. Aaron has always looked to bring in something new and exciting and is constantly looking to try new things and learning as he believes by learning new and different fermentation processes he can better each of his products.

He says how his inspiration comes from his passions which are culture, variation and science. By combining these he has been able to invent new flavours and an ever increasing brand portfolio of new and exciting flavour with the ever popular Zymurgorium Sweet Violet being at the forefront of the brand!