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Zuidam Distillery was first founded in 1975 by none other than Fred Van Zuidam, who is considered by many as the best master distiller in the Netherlands. His idea was simple, start a small batch distillery which produced the finest products possible which were exclusive. He started with a small 300 Square Meter Warehouse with a Small Copper Still and a Small Production Line. 

 It took Fred 10 years to crete the reputation of having one of the finest distilleries in the Netherlands, but what really gave it the push it needed was when Helen Van Zuidam, Fred's Wife started to produce the Packaging. In 1989 the Zuidam team expanded into a larger distillery which was 600 square meters, and still only one production line. 

Fast forward to the present and their children Patrick and Gilbert now run the distillery which is 3600 Square Meters large, 4 New Copper Stills, 1000 Oak Barrels, 4 Production lines and a Modern Tank Storage. They have retained the same objectives throughout the years of pleasing the customers and producing the finest quality spirits possible. It also helps that Fred and Helen still keep a watchful eye over it!