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Simon Thompson, founder and creator of Thompson’s and known by many as ‘’An Englishman in Bordeaux’’. Originally from the UK, but grew up in the heart of the Cognac region. His father worked for Booth’s Gin and was the managing director for Cognac Hine in the region until 1988. Simon completed his studies with a Masters which is applied to the spirits industry; this also included a 2 month stint as an assistant to a master distiller.

Simon Thompson


Thompson’s was first propelled into the premium spirits market of the drinks industry through Simon’s discovery ofFineBordeaux I.G. Whilst researching why Bordeaux was the only wine producing region not to have its own spirit,hediscovered the last remaining stocks of unique eaux-de-vie, and then later purchased the last remaining casks tobringback onto the market. This is why Thompsons can now boast limited editions of vintage Fine Bordeaux, which aremadefrom Ugni Blanc, Semillon and colombard grapes all double distilled in traditional copper pot stills and aged inLimousinoak barrels. He also holds the title of being one of 6 official tasters of the ‘’fine Bordeaux I.G’’ governing body.


Thompson’s newly-launched small batch-distilled grape gin is expertly distilled in the Bordeaux region of France.Heralded as a sensual delight by gin connoisseurs, it includes 15 natural regional botanicals – including caviar fromAquitaine, vineyard peaches, juniper, Jamaican pepper, rosebuds and Chinese ginger.


“Whilst the entire Thompson’s range is expanding well, our new Bordelais distilled gin is the hero of the moment,” “It hasa fresh taste, which is both floral on the nose and long and spicy on the palate, making it perfect for top-shelf cocktails,classic G&T and also as a sipping gin”

 Alambic Petite Distillation

Thompson’s extraordinary range of spirits is inspired by France’s ancient tradition of wine making and its world class grapes, Bordeaux’s most famous export, along with the region’s age-old relationship with England.