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thomas dakin

Thomas Dakin is considered one of the pioneers of Gin when he first started his Distillery on Bridge Street, Warrington in 1761 at the age of 25! Gin at the time was considered a very unpopular drink with a dark past, however Thomas Dakin had other ideas for this and started on his conquest to transform the opinions of the general public.

In 1788 Edward, Thomas' son became a founding member of the Amicable Society which was an 18th century drinking club, where he met Edward Greenall of the then brewing family. In 1809 Margaret Dakin (Thomas' Daughter in Law) became the worlds first master distiller and started distilling Gin! By 1860 the Greenall family became the guardians of the Dakin Gin recipe which has remained with them to this day.

In 1960 the Greenalls moved to a larger premises to keep up with the demand of the Gin, almost 200 years after the Dakin distillery was first opened. Th distillery remained until 2005 when a fire burnt this down with only one still being saved. A new Distillery was built in Warrington and saw the release of Thomas Dakin Gin in 2015!