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The Tamdhu Distillery takes its inspiration from the Diamond Jubilee of 1897, when a group of various individuals rallied together and raised what is equivalent to £20 million pound in today's money to start their business venture. They first opened in the same year and started producing their fantastic Whiskies.

The distillery was designed by Charles C Doig Esq, who was one of the finest Architects around. Doig designed the Distillery to be the best quality and ensured that only the best equipment was used and there was no compromise to this. The result was considered to be an unparalleled Distillery and Whisky to match!

The continued trading from this location (the banks of Spey) until 2010 when they sadly had to close their operations, this was until only one year later (2011) when Ian Macleod, a family run business bought the Tamdhu Distillery and started producing their fantastic Whiskies again!