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The recipe for Jagermeister has been unchanged or tampered with since it was first created. It was once a drink for celebrations but little did the creator know that it would eventually turn into what is considered one of the most popular drinks in the world! 

Curt Mast was the man who started Jagermeister. It took Curt several years to perfect the recipe but once he did, he knew he'd gotten it right. He did so by infusing a variety of 56 different Botanicals, and it originates from Wolfenbuttel. As many are aware of the Jagermeister brand, they are also fully aware of the Emblem which is represented on every bottle, The Stag. 

The Stag originates from the story of a huntsman named Hubertus who had a vision of a Stag with a glowing cross between its antlers. This transformed Hubertus and he now had a new found respect for nature and eventually became the Patron Saint of Hunters. Curt felt this a fitting story and this has stuck with them since.

The bottle was designed by Curt who experimented with many different variants by taking them and dropping them on his Oak floor to see which was the sturdiest and sirvived the ordeal. Once the champion had survived he went with that design, and 80 years later that is the one that used! Iconic and Tough!