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1828 is the year and the Springbank family is the name. The Springbank distillery was first founded in 1828 becoming the 14th registered Distillery in Campbeltown. As demand for Whisky grows so does the amount of Distilleries in Campbeltown producing Whisky to meet the demand.

In 1837 the Springbank Distillery was passed on to John and William Mitchell who ran the business for many years, and also forming the company of J&A Mitchell. Whisky production continued for many years in Campbeltown until a struggle was met with the recession and distilleries began to cut corners resulting in a boycott of many Whiskies from Campbeltown. 

By 1934 the only Distilleries that remained open in Campbeltown were Springbank and Glen Scotia. Whisky continued to be produced by Springbank until 1980 when they began to see another down turn and production was low and rare. This was the case until 1990 when the popularity of Whisky began to surge and the name Springbank was celebrated around the world!

When 1997 hit so did the name Hazelburn and this was another addition to the range from the Springbank distillery and this has stuck with them and so has the popularity of their Whiskies!