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Goslings was first established in 2006 when James Gosling, who was the oldest son of William Gosling who was a wine and spirits merchant from Gravesend, Kent. James travelled from Kent and headed to America on the ship Mercury with £10,000 worth of merchandise ready to start something new.

After 91 days travelling on the seas destined for America, the charter ran out and docked in St. Georges Port in Bermuda. This was the start of something magical, Bermuda Black Seal Rum. James along with his brother Ambrose rented a shop on Front Street, Hamilton which was the new capital. The Goslings remained here for 127 years.

It wasn't until 1857 that the shop was renamed from Gosling and Son to the Gosling Brothers, and three years after this the first Rum distillate was made which was destined to be the recipe for the Gosling Black Seal as we know it. However the name of Black seal did not arrive until 1914 when at first it was known as 'Old Rum'. It was then filled in Champagne bottles with black wax cork seals and thus the Black Seal named was made. After a play on words and some new images the Black Seal logo was born. 

The brand continued with this logo with some updates along the way and has continued to do so still to this day with over 200 years of heritage and knowledge under its belt, the Black Seal team are still producing some fantastic Rum!