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Tequila Fortaleza has been producing Tequila since 2005, however their history dates back over 140 years. They have a long heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. It was first founded by Don Cenobio in 1873 in the town of Jalisco, Tequila. He was the first man to export Tequila to the US and was the man who adapted the cooking process of Tequila alongside this. 

This was then passed down to his son Eladio in 1909. In the time that Eladio was in charge he brought the world various different forms such as Mexican Brandy, Mexican Whisky, Aperitifs and of course Tequila. He also helped to make Tequila the national drink of Mexico!

This business was then passed on to three different generation before it was finally re-opened into the Fortaleza we know today, and is still run using traditional Artisan methods!