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1792 is the year, the location is Belgium and the man is Karel Lodewijk Filiers. Karel was the man who convinced the family to start producing Gin on the family farm, thus starting the Filliers Gin brand. 1836 comes along and Karels eventual successor Kameil Filliers is born, who would go on to eventually expand the companies Genever Distillery. 

In 1880 Kamiel installed a steam engine at the agricultural distillery which allowed for a much faster process and allowed the distillery to grow to what it is today. 1888 and Firmin Filliers was born who was the 3rd generation to eventually take the helm of the Filliers team. In 1928 Firmin created the recipe for Filliers 28 dry Gin which is the same recipe that is used today. 

Louis and Carlos Filliers were the brothers of the 4th Generation of the family to take them lead and were the team to lay the foundation of growth that would help the business to grow further. These brothers remained at the helm of the business until 1980 when Bernard and Jan Filliers took the lead, with Bernard remaining as the lead to this day.