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The Dalwhinnie distillery first opened in 1897 when a group of Whisky businessmen decided to create their own Whisky and opened a distillery called Strathspey. Within a year the distillery went into liquidation and was bought by a man name A. P. Blythe for his son and the distillery was renamed Dalwhinnie. 

By the year 1905 Cook & Bernbeimer the largest distillers in the US, bought the Dalwhinnie distillery at auction and adapted the recipe to suit the American palate. Cook & Bernbeimer lasted until 1919 when the prohibition started and they sold the distillery to Macdonald, Greenless & Williams Ltd. 

After just 15 years in charge of the distillery it caught fire in 1934 and forced the business to close for four years whilst the rebuilding occurred. The distillery remained opened until 1986 when it closed its doors again but this time only to completely refurbish. This distillery has been producing the fantastic Whisky even against all the problems it has faced and continues to do so.