Codigo 1530 Tequila

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It is no secret that the best tequila in Mexico is not for sale to the general public, but held back and sold privately, in small batches to select families.  Código was one of these private tequilas until the Perez Ocampo family were convinced to release their 5th generation family tequila to the public.

Every tequila produced by this distillery has been perfected over five generations by the Perez Ocampo family, one of the oldest distilling families in Amatitán, known as the birthplace of Tequila. With no commercial pressure to bring their previously nameless tequila into the market, Código 1530, as we know it today, was born.


Código 1530 only uses the highest quality ingredients to produce a unique flavour and aroma. As a lowland Tequila, Código is located on some of the most fertile land in Mexico meaning the agave receives more rain as well as being grown in volcanic soils giving typical aromas and flavours of spice, earthy and herbal notes.  

Every single agave is manually tested and only the ones with a 32-brix level or above will make it into a bottle of Código. The organic yeast is produced by a local family-run bakery. This results in a slow fermentation time of 12 days; however, the bread yeast provides a special nose and subtle richness to the tequila. All the water used to make Código 1530 comes from freshwater pools in “Los Bajos” that have been naturally filtered through the volcanic soils, making it one of the purest waters in the planet.

Finally, all of our aged Tequilas rest in Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels to impart elegant and subtle flavours, a delicate finish. Those barrels are without a doubt, the best that money can buy.