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The Chivas brothers James and John first founded Chivas Brothers Ltd. in the 19th century and the Whisky was a hit due to James' natural ability to create something different. 

In 1909 the master blenders of Charles Howard and Alexander Smith did the Chivas' legacy proud and created the worlds first luxury Whisky in the form of a 25 year old release. This allowed Chivas Regal to burst onto the world stage and take it by storm, especially New York! However once prohibition hit, the Chivas brand took a back seat and awaited its comeback in 1938 when they released the 12 year old Chivas Regal which is still popular to this date. 

The heart of Chivas Regal is Strathisla, which is located in the Scottish Highlands and was first established in 1786. The Chivas Regal brand has been produced here since then and is still at the heart of everything the do.