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The production of Chartreuse dates back to 1605 when Chartreuse monks in Vauvert received an ancient manuscript which outlined an elixir of over 130 different herbs and spices named 'elixir of long life'. The monks at the time did not fully understand the manuscript and only extracted some of the information.

It wasn't until 1737 when a monk named Frere Jerome Maubec unlocked the full mystery and commenced the new formula that could be used to produce this elixir. This elixir was considered a medicine at the time, but in 1764 the monks soon realised how tasty this drink was and adapted the new recipe to become a milder beverage, one in which they could sell on to the public. 

In 1793 due to the eruption of the French revolution, the monks were forced out of their monastery, but not before making a copy of the manuscript. This ensured that production would continue in the event the original manuscript was lost. In 1816 the monks returned to their monastery and continued production of their Chartreuse.

In 1903 the monks were driven out of the distillery once again to France nationalizing the distillery. The monks relocated to Spain for a time until 1929 when the distillery went bankrupt and was bought by friends of the monks who returned it to them. The Chartreuse distillery has remained with them and still produces their wonderful elixir.