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Cambridge distillery

Founded in 2011, by Will and Lucy Lowe, Cambridge Distillery began life as the UK’s smallest distillery becoming the world’s first gin tailor, creating bespoke products for individual clients including Michelin starred restaurants and global institutions. The Distillery grew from being the UK’s smallest to achieving global industry recognition as ‘The World’s Most Innovative Distillery’ due to their unique production methods.

To create their award-winning products, Cambridge Distillery uses fresh botanicals which are handpicked within a 10-mile radius of the distillery. Once picked, each botanical is individually distilled under vacuum which maximises flavour extraction. Finally, the Master Distiller uses his world-renowned palate to expertly blend together the individually distilled botanicals.

Due to this unique production method it has allowed Cambridge Distillery to work with fresh ingredients not found in most other gins and has led to the distillery leading the way in the ultra-premium gin category with a host of award winning products such as:

-         Cambridge Dry Gin (ingredients include fresh basil, lemon verbena and blackcurrant leaf)

-         Japanese Gin (the first gin to ever use solely Japanese botanicals)

-         Truffle Gin (the world’s first digestif gin, using truffles from Piedmonte which are gram for gram more expensive than gold)