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Bushmills is considered one of Irelands oldest distilleries and was first established in 1608 by Thomas Phillips who was granted permission on April 20th a license to distill by King James I. 1784 comes along and Hugh Anderson registered the old Bushmills distillery and the pot still becomes the registered trademark, which is still used today!

A few more years go by and 1850 arrives when a malt tax was introduced, forcing many producers to change their recipes, however Bushmills stuck to their guns and kept their famous recipe the same. 

Disaster struck in 1885 and the old distillery was burnt down! But not to fear as they all pulled together and the distillery was soon back up and running! 1933 and the end of prohibition hits, thankfully for Samuel Wilson who bought Bushmills 10 years before knowing that someday he would make people happy again with their famous Whisky, alongside making a few pennies in the process. 

Many more years have passed and Bushmills is still around making their famous Whisky for us all to drink.