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The Bunnahabhain distillery was first established in 1883, although it took them from 1879 to build! William Robertson in partnership with the Greenless Brothers created the Islay distillery. In the earlier years the distillery relied heavily on the Sea Trade to bring spices and ingredients in exchange for barrels of the 'good stuff'. 

In 1930 everyone felt the pinch, especially the Bunnahabhain team which closed its door. This being said they re-opened 7 years later and with a new road being built they no longer just had to rely on the trade from the Sea! 1963 came along and the Bunnahabhain team brought in two still which allowed them to increase their production!

In 1993 the last boat docked and no more sales occurred through this, as the best route was now by road. Fast forward to 2006 and Bunnahabhain was bought out by Burn Stewart Distilleries.