Brighton Gin

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Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin was born from the Pier where it all started.... Brighton! It was produced out of a passion for Brighton and was made with all Brighton things in mind, 'Unusual, Playful and Fiercely independent'. 

This Gin was perfected over several months of experimentation's on the distilling techniques, the recipe and on humans! After much of these experiments they finally created the perfect blend which is now known as Brighton Gin. 

This is made with pure Wheat Spirit and a selection of botanicals including Juniper, Fresh Orange and Lime Peel, locally sourced Coriander Seed and Milk Thistle (known for its helpfulness to the Liver).

Each bottle that is produced by the Brighton team is hand filled, labelled and wax dipped and so avoids a production line, with them also delivering the bottles on their Brighton Bike to avoid any unnecessary carbon emissions!