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bob's bitters

Bob Petrie might not be a name that many have heard of, however Bob's Bitters is one that a lot will have heard of. Well Bob Petrie was once a Pastry Chef and worked in Michelin Star restaurants all around London before Guiliano Morandin got in contact with him to create bitters. 

They quickly got to work and before they knew it they were making their bespoke Bitters which take single ingredients and steep them in alcohol to make their bitters which help to enhance any cocktail! Bob was so dedicated to his Bitters that he spent 5 years re-creating a 19th Century recipe to finally make their famed Abbotts Bitters. 

All of the Bob's Bitter range are made with a secret and closely guarded recipe, and in their bespoke handmade stills to ensure that the finished product is the highest quality, they also ensure that only the finest ingredients are used. This process allows them to ensure that each Bitter that is made is of the highest quality and without compromise. 

Bobs Peppermint Bitters 100ml
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