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the balvenie 

The Balvenie distillery was first founded in 1892 by none other than William Grant, however the production of Whisky didn't start until May 1st 1893.In 1923 William Grant passed away and the distillery was left to his son John, who quickly got work in expanding the distillery.

In 1929 John decided to change production from Original Maltings to a Malting Floor system which is still used today. Fast forward to 1962 and David Stewart started working at the distillery at only 17 years of age, and is still there working as the Master Distiller! 1971 reaches and the first official single malt is release from the Balvenie! 

David Stewart was made master distiller in 1974 and has not looked back since, with him still retaining this title today! Fast forward to the present and you'll still find the Balvenie bringing out some spectacular Whiskies with loads to offer! They really do know how to make their Whisky!