Tanduay - Discover the World's No.1 Rum! Distinctly Filipino, undeniably world-class!

by Robin Hardman

Tanduay has long been one of the worlds biggest spirits brands, & the biggest spirit in the Philippines. Now, it's in the UK!

Since 1854, Tanduay Asian Rum has been creating a spirit as intriguing in its silky smoothness and elegant flavor as the essence of the mysterious East. It remains one of Asia’s best-kept secrets and among the world’s most decorated spirits for generations to come.

We were lucky enough to head to a launch tasting, showing off the beautiful rum & its versatility as a rum that can be enjoyed neat, with a mixer or in an array of cocktails.

We're glad to bring to you the silver, gold & the double rum. Find them at https://www.distillersdirect.com/collections/vendors?q=Tanduay