National Tequila Day 2017

by Distillers Direct

July 24th is National tequila day

What is Tequila?

Tequila is produced only within five small designated regions in Mexico and the production of the spirit is the most strictly controlled in the world. Made from the fermented juice of the Blue Webber Agave Tequila has been produced in Mexico since the 16th Century when the Spanish conquistadors brought distillation technology to the North Americas. From field to bottle, this amazing liquid takes a minimum of 7 years to produce and has some of the most intricate flavours of any spirit on the market today.

Cazcabel Blanco

Triple Distilled and Chill Filtered - This amazing silver Tequila has unparalleled smoothness and heaps of delicate individual flavours. Clean with touches of citrus and beautiful hints of green, vegetal agave. A perfect balance of spicy peppery notes and light smoke on the finish. A great example of a Blanco tequila that lets every aspect of its production have a place in its bouquet of flavour.

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Cazcabel Reposado

Based on the award winning Blanco tequila - this Reposado is left to rest in virgin American Oak for around 9 months. Taking some of the classic sweet notes from the American oak barrel this tequila has touches of vanilla and caramel while still staying true to its Agave roots. With sweet, smooth notes and a more integrated lip tingling spice this reposado has all the touches of brilliance that you would expect from a light oak ageing. A truly Hand crafted Tequila.

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Cazcabel Honey

Based on Cazcabel Blanco Tequila this Honey Liqueur uses natural Manuka, from the Manuka tree in New Zealand, and Yukatan honey from the fields of South Mexico to create this Triple award winning tequila. With beautiful Floral hits of honey and natural sweetness, this spirit has the most unique touches of delicate spice that makes it perfect to enjoy on its own, over ice and in a multitude of mixed drinks and cocktails.

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Cazcabel Coffee

Based on the Cazcabel Blanco Tequila this Coffee Liqueur uses the amazing roasted Arabica coffee bean from the heart of the Forrest's of Soconusco in the south of Mexico. This award winning Tequila is incredibly smooth and balances the strong, natural roasted Coffee bean infusion with hints of dark chocolate and touches of sweet Vanilla. Perfect as a shot or over the rocks with a twist of orange peel but also a great replacement for other coffee Liqueurs in popular cocktails such as White Russians and Espresso Martinis.

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Adventurous about Agave??

It's not all about the Tequila though. With some 200 species there's more to Agave than the Blue Weber. Mezcal is the godfather of agave spirits. Made from around 30 varieties of the Agave plant its complexity and variation is something truly amazing. The artisanal process and craftsmanship of the producers combined with the harvesting of mature plants makes mezcal a totally unique spirit.

Dangerous Don

Made using 100% Espadin Agave Dangerous Don celebrates the region of Oaxaca and the magical world of mezcal, mixing two of Mexico's most beloved treasures - mezcal and coffee.

Dangerous Don café mezcal has a smoky, chocolate nose a smooth, rich palate and a warm and coffee flavoured finish.

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Estancia Raicilla

Known by some as the Mexican native gin, Raicilla is one of Mexico’s oldest artisan spirits. Raicilla is obtained from the Maximiliana Agave which are given 10 to 15 years to ripen in the high altitude regions of the Sierra Madre Occidental.
In this cool, mountainous climate the Agave matures to form the Raicilla’s unique floral characteristics.

Raicilla is one of the most refined Agave spirits you’ll come across, sipped alone, accompanied or mixed, its mild flavour and aroma satisfies the most demanding palate.
It has a light nose with notes of citrus and roasted fruits. An irresistibly crisp and balanced palate with a medium sweetness and smooth mouth-feel.

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