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by Craig Harris

Discover Rum’s Truth, Taste and Possibilities: Award-Winning, Cabal No.1513 Aged Rum

Like any good conversation the Edinburgh based, Cabal Rum, was created across the table, with its two founders, Richard Dixon and Claire Kinloch, having a shared vision of collectively creating the most consumer-conscious rum brand.

If that wasn’t enough, they wanted to create a liquid that spoke volumes about the possibilities of rum whilst keeping the process of the spirit’s creation as simple as possible, from cane to cask to cabal.

For the creation of their first expression, Cabal No.1513, they worked with a team of experts and aficionados to select casks that possessed characteristics that would marry together and enhance Cabal’s distinctive flavour profiles. What was settled upon in the finishing of Cabal No.1513 was utilising the exceptional qualities of Pedro Ximénez casks , allowing the spirit to rest amongst the gentle hills of Speyside, Scotland.

Since that conversation, Cabal has become united in an ethos of continually striving above and beyond the merely conventional, regular and mundane. It has even won Gold at the 2021 Spirits Business Luxury Masters in the Super-Premium Golden Rum Category only 3 months after launch.

Unlike some brands, they genuinely heed and listen to their consumers. How do you know? Well, the names of the original consumer tasting panel who helped them in the development of their luxury, award-winning first expression, Cabal No.1513, are ingrained within their brand philosophy and feature within the logo on every bottle of Cabal No.1513.

Cabal’s Production:

Cabal No.1513 was officially launched in May 2021 and is a blend of aged rums from prominent distilleries in Guatemala, Guyana, Trinidad, Panama and the Caribbean, tropically aged at origin and a combination of pot and column distillation techniques.

Bottled at 43% ABV, Cabal No.1513 is non-chill filtered, retaining the naturally forming ethyl esters generated within the fermentation and ageing processes and which account for the largest group of flavour compounds within rum, resulting in the richer and more prolonged complexity that their rums provide upon the palate.

As a result of finishing Cabal No.1513 in Pedro Ximénez casks, the spirit possesses a unique, complex, yet smooth taste profile. Cabal features no added colouring, flavour or sugar, leaving a high-quality, natural rum.

Through finishing Cabal No.1513 in Pedro Ximénez casks the rum has borrowed the sherry’s distinctive sweetness, imparting to the nose scents of dried fruits, raisins and citrus. As for the body of the liquid, Cabal No.1513 has developed a dark and golden, almost fudge-like, colouration.

"We believe that honesty, truth and taste matter. We want to provide you with exquisite and naturally finished aged rums. We believe in bottling our rums as nature created and, most importantly, dictated."
-CEO, Claire Kinloch

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