WhiskyScotch WhiskyJohnnie Walker White Walker Whisky 70cl

Johnnie Walker White Walker Whisky 70cl

Type: Blended
Size: 70cl
ABV: 41.7%

If you haven't heard of Game of Thrones in some shape or form, whether it be the ever popular HBO series or from the Classic Books from George R.R. Martin (A Song of Fire and Ice series), or be it from the fact that EVERYONE is always talking about it.... we'd be very surprised.


Now there's another reason you will hear about it (as if you wanted anymore), and this time its in the shape of Johnnie Walkers White Walker Whisky (a reference from the series if you didn't already know)!

For this Whisky it was George Harper (yes another George) that was given the responsibility of creating something iconic to represent the show! To achieve this one he's taken malts from Clynelish which is considered one of the most Northern Scottish distillery (yet another fitting feature), along with Cardhu and other distilleries malts.

The icing on the cake to us comes from the Temperature-sensitive bottle graphic which sees the words 'Winter is here' appear when the bottle reaches the right serving temperature! (Yet another reference, although this one is just cool in general)!

Finally the moment of what it tastes like.... A Smooth Vanilla can be expected at first which is shortly followed by notes of Cinnamon and Almond all then infused together to allow notes of Juicy Cherries and just a Smidgen of Oaky Wood!

Seems to us that the George's of this world are trying to take over.... going for the Iron Throne you might say! (We just couldn't resist that one)!