WhiskyJapanese + Rest of the World WhiskyThe Lakes Single Malt Whiskymaker's Reserve No.4 70cl

The Lakes Single Malt Whiskymaker's Reserve No.4 70cl

Type: Whisky
Size: 70cl
ABV: 52%
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The Whiskymaker’s Reserve is an artistic exploration of oak and blending; of flavour evolution and defining a house style.

Creating a new whisky requires a framework of sorts, but there has to be room within it to play, to follow gut feeling and instinct. The architecture of each release of Whiskymaker’s Reserve will evolve in keeping with both increasing sherry cask influence and their sense of adventure.

Supremely balanced and complex, the latest expression is matured in the finest, meticulously sourced Oloroso, PX and red wine casks, comprising Spanish, American and French oak.

The result is a nose that is rich with big notes of Manuka honey, leading to sun-dried dates, roasted cashew nuts, and layers of dried fruits, with an indulgent velvet-cream finish.