WhiskyJapanese + Rest of the World WhiskyThe Lakes Single Malt Whiskymakers Edition: Mosaic 70cl

The Lakes Single Malt Whiskymakers Edition: Mosaic 70cl

Type: Single Malt
Size: 70cl
ABV: 46.6%
Availability: Limited Stock

As with all other Whiskymakers Edition releases, Mosaic explores blending as an artform – not to create a consistent product but to explore different flavour nuances. Thereby painting a very different picture as a one-off release.

Mosaic is adorned with a unique piece of artwork, commissioned to help depict the characteristics and subtle nuances found within the whisky.


Mosaic has a mellow, rustic elegance in keeping with its cosmopolitan influences. Taking inspiration from the Silk Road, the ancient intercontinental avenue of east west trade and cultural exchange, Mosaic unites eclectic influences and flavours in a singular, sophisticated expression. 


From crisp autumn days in the west, where the thin, sharp air surrenders to the aromas of woodfire and spent leaves, to the heady spice melange of Moorish bazaars and onwards into light, delicate oriental wood nuances evoking a wisdom synonymous with Japanese temples.


What to expect: Dried Fruits, Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Sultanas, Oriental Wood, Dried Orange Peel, Chocolate Malt, Autumn Leaves & Hints of nutmeg.