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The Lakes Distillery The One Sherry Expression Whisky 70cl

Type: Whisky
Size: 70cl
ABV: 46.6%
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The Lakes Distillery are well known for their variety of spirits and this one will definitely help them stand out even more (not that they needed it!). For this particular expression of Whisky they have only created 5000 bottles, with each one being individually numbered to truly show how special this expression is.

To create this Whisky the expert Whiskymaker carefully selects different Whiskies from across the British Isles and expertly blends them together before allow the Whisky to be finished off in the finest first-fill PX casks from Spain which allow a Spicy Dried Fruit flavour to be imparted on to the Whisky. They have bottled this at 46.6% to allow as many flavours to be retained as possible.

The Whisky has some Milk Chocolate notes running throughout before waves of Dried Fruits come though and a Slight Burnt Oak to finish. Delightful!