WhiskyJapanese + Rest of the World WhiskyThe Lakes Distillery The ONE Orange Wine Cask Finished Whisky 70cl

The Lakes Distillery The ONE Orange Wine Cask Finished Whisky 70cl

Type: Whisky
Size: 70cl
ABV: 46.6%

Rather than opting for traditional orange drinking wine casks, where white wine grapes are fermented in contact with their skin and seeds, this release of The One has been finished in exceptionally rare ‘Vino de Naranja’ seasoned casks, made only in Huelva, Andalucía.

Aged almost exclusively for personal consumption, Seville orange peel is macerated into a grape-based spirit and matured in American oak casks, to give a delicious, light and elegant aromatised Naranja Wine.

By finishing the blend of The Lakes Single Malt and select Scotch Grain and Malt Whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside and Islay in Orange Wine casks, the original spirit takes a back seat as new flavours come through.

The casks create a distinctive buttery and creamy texture, as the oak allows occasional spicy notes to peek through a nose of fresh lychee, marmalade and hints of tobacco.

With flavours of gentle peat, tropical fruits and candied orange peel, this is a clean and smooth whisky with delicate nuances that allow you to enjoy it neat, with soda water and a twist of orange, or as you please.

Limited to only 2,994 bottles in the UK, and bottled at the natural colour, The One Orange Wine Cask Finished is 46.6% ABV and has been non-chill filtered for a richer mouthfeel and fuller flavour.