Hell's Stone Whisky 70cl

Type: Whisky
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%
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Brought to us by the Pocketful of Stones team in Cornwall comes their Hell's Stone Whisky which pays homage to the local folklore.

The Legend says that one day Archangel St Michael spotted a Dragon possessed y the Devil himself heading towards Cornwall with a Red-Hot Boulder in his claws, brought from Hell with the desire to take Cornwall for himself....

With this in mind St Michael set out to stop this and a battle ensued between the two, with St Michael getting the crushing blow sending the Boulder crashing down, with the boulder from then on being referred to as Helston or Hell's Stone.

Each year the locals come to celebrate and pay their respects to the Archangel, with the Pocketful of Stones team creating this Whisky to help celebrate.

They begin with creating a Craft Beer and then distilling this inside their Copper Pot Still, Jackson, before this is then aged inside used Oak Barrels and stored in the shadows of St Michael's Mount.

During the aging evaporation takes place which many consider to be the Angel's Share, which seems rather fitting considering where it's stored.

We're just thankful St Michael left enough for everyone to drink!