WhiskyAmerican & Canadian WhiskyWild Turkey Longbranch Whiskey 70cl

Wild Turkey Longbranch Whiskey 70cl

Type: Bourbon
Size: 70cl
ABV: 43%
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This release from the Wild Turkey team is a wonderful collaboration between Eddie Russell (Wild Turkey Master Distiller) and none other than Matthew McConaughey, yes you did read that correctly, the award winning actor!

To produce this Whiskey they take 8 year aged Wild Turkey Bourbon and filter it using Charcoal made from Kentucky White Oak and Texas Mesquite.

With a bright Gold colour the aroma is a balanced blend of Vanilla and Spices. Flavours of Caramel, Pear, and hints of Citrus round out the palate with a Subtle, Smokey Finish it is Buttery Smooth with notes of gentle Pepper and Toasted Oak.