WhiskyAmerican & Canadian WhiskyHigh West American Prairie Bourbon 70cl

High West American Prairie Bourbon 70cl

Type: Bourbon
Size: 70cl
ABV: 46%

The inspiration for this Bourbon comes from the 5,000 square mile Wildlife reserve in Montana, with 10% of post tax profits being donated to the project. 

To produce this Bourbon they take a combination of two small batch Bourbons, a 6 year aged from Seagrams in Lawrenceberg, Indiana and a 10 year aged from Four Roses.

From this you can expect notes of Vanilla and Honey infused with hints of Cherries and undertones Milk Chocolate and Orange Citrus.

Mashbill contents:

6 year Bourbon: 75% Corn, 20% Rye, 5% Barley Malt

10 Year Bourbon: 60% Corn, 35% Rye, 5% Barley Malt