VodkaPremium VodkaSausage Tree Vodka 70cl

Sausage Tree Vodka 70cl

Type: Vodka
Size: 70cl
ABV: 43%

This Vodka is brought to us by none other than the Drumshanbo team, who brought us their exquisite Gunpowder Gin. 

To produce this Vodka they take the Fruit of Kigelia Africana which is also known as the Sausage Tree! Hence the appropriately named drink!

If that wasn't proof enough, if you look up the Sausage Tree, you'll see the Fruit is actually in the shape of a Sausage! 

They take the Sausage looking Fruit and infuse this with Irish Grain and Nettle to create a Vodka which is packed with both Citrus Fruity notes and a Herbaceous Floral infusions throughout.