VodkaPremium VodkaRogue Wave Vodka 70cl

Rogue Wave Vodka 70cl

Type: Vodka
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%

This release form the Brewdog team pays homage to James Watts (a co-founder of BrewDog) brother, known as 'One-armed' Alex.

Alex gained this name through a freak accident whereby he lost one of his arms whilst out fishing in the Great North Sea. 

Alex is not one for abiding by the rules and went Rogue to what doctors said, learnt to write again with his good arm and began sailing the seas again. 

This Vodka is produced in a 7 day process whereby the Vapour is distilled within their Triple-Bubble copper pot still. 

The result is a Vodka which is Crisp and Pure with notes of a Sweet Citrus and Vanilla running throughout.