Vermouth / AperitifDiscarded Vermouth 50cl

Discarded Vermouth 50cl

Type: Vermouth & Aperitif
Size: 50cl
ABV: 21%

In the normal production of Vermouth the Cascara fruit is tossed away to the side and never sees the light of day again.... well it does but it just doesn't get used anymore, meaning tonnes of this Sweet Berry are wasted every year!

Well the discarded team have decided that this could not go on and something needed to change, so they've done just that! They take the Sweet Cascara berry and use it as the main ingredient to their wonderful Vermouth. 

They take this once discarded Berry and infuse this within a base spirit whilst also infusing it with fortified wine and other botanicals which once finished produces a Vermouth which has lots of Deep Fruity notes in particular Cherry, along with hint of Coffee and Chocolate and a slight Spice to finish.