TequilaMezcal TequilaMezcal Verde 70cl

Mezcal Verde 70cl


Type: Mezcal
Size: 70cl
ABV: 42%
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This small Batch, Artisanal Spirit is brought to us by the Mezcal Verde located in Tlacolula with a small capacity of 7,000l of Mezcal per year.

For each batch of Mezcal the team selects a different Terroir, Variety of Agave and Master Distiller to work with but always remain true to their core values of 100% Natural and Sustainable processes. 

The Mezcal itself is produced using Agave which has grown for a minimum of 8 years and is then cooked using three types of Wood: Ocote, Red Oak and Pepper Tree

Initially Sweet before Vegetal Spice notes come through and a Smokey finish. 


The brand dedicates 15% of its net profits to ecological and social sustainability programmes. They also replant 10 agaves for every plant they harvest, as well as establishing a nursery to propagate heritage agave varietals and maintain biodiversity.

Every batch of Mezcal Verde features a unique label designed by a contemporary Mexican artist. It is another collaboration aimed at supporting the local culture of the mezcal-producing regions - be it farmers, distillers or artists. And it captures the essence of any good drink - enjoy the moment and have fun together.