RumSpiced RumNaud Hidden Loot Spiced Rum 70cl

Naud Hidden Loot Spiced Rum 70cl

Type: Rum
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%

The Noble and Unusual Distillery (or Naud for short) have brought us a Spiced Rum that's inspired by the jungles of Panama that have concealed plenty of gold and plunder throughout history! 

The Hidden Loot Spiced Rum starts with a Panamanian Rum made up of the finest sugarcane they have to offer. It then undergoes a long aging process in bourbon casks, before it arrives to the Naud distillery for an addition of spices to finish it off. The end result is a powerful punch of banana, coconut and vanilla with underlying notes of aged rum and wood from the time spent in those bourbon casks!