RumSpiced RumBlack Tears 70cl With Cocktail Kit
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Black Tears 70cl With Cocktail Kit

Type: Gift Set Rum
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%

The Cuban Cocktail Experience

Cuba has been one of the most influential places in the world for cocktails. Why not experience new Cuba with this amazing Cuban Cocktail Experience pack?!

With ingredients to make 5 unique cocktails with the worlds first spiced Cuban rum; Black Tears, this is a pack not to be missed. The pack also includes a premium card with 5 recipes tailor made for use with this delicious spiced Cuban rum!

The cocktails include:

-Spiced Espresso Rumtini
-Negroni Cubana
-Dry Spiced Old Fashioned
-Cuban Mule
-Spiced Daiquiri

The pack includes:

1x 70cl Black Tears Dry Spiced
2x Angostura Aromatic Bitters minis
1x 5cl Campari
1x 6cl Martini Rosso
1x 3 cents Ginger Ale
1x recipe card